Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bunbury @ Nokia Theater

Bunbury @ Nokia 11/4/09

This past Wednesday, Enrique Bunbury stopped by the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on the last leg of his Hellville de Tour '08-'09. My anticipation for this show was huge since I had missed every previous opportunity to see him in concert.
I even missed the highly publicized 10 city reunion tour from Heroes del Silencio two years ago. Add to that friend's accounts of how great his tours have been in the past and all the positive reviews on the internet. I was either going to be greatly disappointed or rightfully impressed. Luckily in the end it was the latter that triumphed.

After at least three wardrobe changes, a double encore!, and a set list that satisfied the near capacity crowd, Enrique Bunbury's "Hellville de Tour" was definitely worth the hype and anticipation. Bunbury's captivating stage presence and diva stylings kept the entire theater on it's feet for the 2 plus hour performance. Even the brooding rockero who might have showed up with expectations of hearing Heroes songs was swaying back and forth and singing along to classics like "Sacame de Aqui", "Sí", y "Alicia."

Bunbury's Hellville de Tour '08-'09 wraps up at the end of November in Mexico. For dates visit www.enriquebunbury.com

For more pictures visit: www.myspace.com/saladeesperaradio

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