Friday, January 29, 2010

Banda Sonora for the Weekend...

Another stunning week in the new year. El 2010 se esta portando muy chulo. Lots of great things on the horizon (both latin alternative and non). Por el momento, SxSW is the immidiate focus here at SDE Radio. El año pasado el genero musical que nos consume tuvo muy fuerte presencia en este festival and this year is shaping up to be great as well. Latin Alternative showcases are being added every day... a ver quien nos da un aventon. We are determined to not miss SxSW this year.

On a different note. Our Carla Morrison acoustic session had an unprecedented amount of downloads through iTunes. If you haven't subscribed to our FREE Podcast yet...que esperas?
Esta semana we feature an acoustic session from underground heroes Enjambre. DOWNLOAD

"Like we always do about this time" - Four fresh pics to serenade your weekend. Enjoy!

d3NdRON - El Orden del Universo

Bicicletas - 11 y 20

Meme y Chetes - 16 de febrero

Alexico - No se

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